Now, pay for drinks at nightclub by just saying your name with Bluetooth ‘BarTab’ feature

Washington, Jan. 8: A new feature added to WillCall’s concert ticket app reportedly allows user to order drinks at a nightclub by simply saying their name.

The BarTab feature within WillCall app lets users buy drinks at participating venues by saying their name, and the bartender can identify the guest via Bluetooth Low Energy.

According to Tech Crunch, it doesn’t matter if the user has bought their tickets through WillCall or not as the participating bar would ping the WillCall app over Bluetooth Low Energy.

If the Bluetooth LE fails or user’s don’t have it running on their phone, they can show the bartender their ID and they can find the user in their BarTab app to start the tab.

Once the tab is opened, users can then order drinks from the bartender as normal but when it’s time to pay, they just need to say their name and after identifying from the list of BarTab users, the bartender charges from the WillCall-connected credit card.

The feature provides push notification about the charges, lets users tip, and also emails an itemized email after the event is over.

WillCall founder Donnie Dinch said that the goal with the app and the new feature is to make live entertainment a bigger part of people’s lives and they’re doing that by any means necessary.

The report added that the WillCall app is available for iOS and Android. (ANI)