PCB to oppose ‘proposed’ ICC ‘takeover’ by ‘Big Three’ India, Oz, England

Karachi, Jan 21: The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) will reportedly oppose any structural overhaul of world cricket’s administration that will effectively hand power over to India, England and Australia.

A draft proposal, to be discussed at the ICC’s executive board meeting, recommends handing over more control to the Australian, English and Indian cricket boards in the boardroom and field AND would also give the ‘Big Three’ a bigger share of the ICC’s revenue pot.

According to the Express Tribune, a PCB official said that re-elected chairman Mohammad Zaka Ashraf has been ordered not to support any such changes as it would divide the cricket world and effectively give all veto powers to India, Australia and England.

The official further said that when the draft proposal was discussed in detail during the last PCB meeting, a lot of apprehension was expressed over the direction world cricket is taking.

The official also said that the PCB’s legal experts are also studying the ICC’s plans for scrapping the World Test Championship in 2017, reviving the now defunct Champions Trophy and having promotion and relegation in a new two-tier test system, and will prepare their stance accordingly. (ANI)