Sandra Bullock starrer ‘Gravity’ tops Bafta nominations

London, Jan 9: Sandra Bullock starrer space drama ‘Gravity’ has topped 2014′s Bafta Film awards nomination list in 11 categories.

The movie is followed by ‘American Hustle’ and Steve McQueen’s ’12 Years a Slave’ with ten nominations.

While Tom Hanks starrer ‘Captain Phillips’ sweeped 9 nominations, ‘Behind the Candelabra’, which is based on the last ten years of openly gay pianist Liberace, and another one of Hanks’ starrer film ‘Saving Mr. Banks’ got 5 nominations, the BBC reported.

Bullock and Christian Bale, who starred in David O. Russell-helmed 1970s con-artist romp ‘American Hustle’, are up for best actress and best actor respectively.

‘Gravity’s filmmaker Alfonso Cuaron has also been nominated for best director.

Most Nominated Films are:

‘Gravity’ – 11

‘American Hustle’ – 10

’12 Years a Slave’ – 10

‘Captain Phillips’ – 9

‘Behind the Candelabra’ – 5

‘Saving Mr Banks’ – 5

Here is the list of the nominations in various categories:

Best film

’12 Years a Slave’

‘American Hustle’

‘Captain Phillips’




Christian Bale – ‘American Hustle’

Bruce Dern – ‘Nebraska’

Leonardo DiCaprio – ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’

Chiwetel Ejiofor – ’12 Years a Slave’

Tom Hanks – ‘Captain Phillips’


Amy Adams – ‘American Hustle’

Cate Blanchett – ‘Blue Jasmine’

Sandra Bullock – ‘Gravity’

Judi Dench – ‘Philomena’

Emma Thompson – ‘Saving Mr Banks’


Alfonso Cuaron – ‘Gravity’

Paul Greengrass – ‘Captain Phillips’

Steve McQueen – ’12 Years a Slave’

David O Russell – ‘American Hustle’

Martin Scorsese – ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ (ANI)