Now, smart shirt that knows when you’re tired, excited or unwell

Melbourne, Jan. 12: A small French startup company has created a shirt that would know when you’re tired, excited or unwell.

France-based Cityzen Sciences unveiled shirts made of “Smart Sensing” material, which read body heat, heart rate, motion and location, reported.

Gilbert Reveillon, international managing director at Cityzen, the lead company in a consortium that created the material, said that the gloves, shirts, pants, and any other clothing can be made out of the fabric.

Sensors in the shirt capture data about the user, and transmit the data through a small battery-powered unit sewn discretely at the place of label.

The information is sent wirelessly to a smartphone, where an application charts it in a timeline and alerts people to potential physical problems.

According to Reveillon, the application can show if the user is tired, stressed, or even if a heart attack is coming. (ANI)