Taekwondo championship promotes talent in Assam

Jorhat (Assam), Jan.7: Jorhat District in Assam hosted a first-of-its-kind All Assam Junior and Sub-Junior boys and girls Taekwondo championship.

The four-day championship, which will conclude on Tuesday, saw the participation of around 400 competitors from at least 20 districts.

The championship was organised by All Assam Taekwondo Association under the Taekwondo Federation of India to promote the sport and give a platform to the players.

Taekwondo Federation of India vice president Raj Kakoty said: “Around 10 to 2 players represent India in this sport and whether boys or girls, many are from Assam. I am hopeful that we will get many national and state level players from this championship.”

In India, there are not many sports that get the kind of attention and active participation like cricket.

Although efforts have been made to promote other sports, cricket remains a popular sport amongst the people owing to the money and fame associated with it. (ANI)