Violence against women severe now: Gloria Steinem

Kolkata, Jan 25: The world is facing “great crisis” because of “severe” violence against women, said American feminist and social activist Gloria Steinem.

Speaking at the inaugural session of Kolkata Literary Meet (Kalam) here Saturday, she said violence against women is an indicative factor of a country’s tendencies towards damaging actions.

“We are in a time of great crisis because violence against women is so severe… whether it’s the preference for a son or domestic violence…it’s so severe all over the world,” she said.

“The biggest element that determines whether a country is violent inside itself or towards other nations is violence against women, not poverty or religion or other factors.”

Steinem also contended that women “are no longer marginalised…we are no longer half of the human race”.

A writer, lecturer, journalist and activist, Steinem has been involved in social justice movements for over 40 years.

Lauding the media as “campfires” for being a beacon highlighting crucial issues, the 79-year-old activist felt due to societal pressures, men are addicted to supremacy.

“Men raising children would make a huge difference,” she added.