WobL smartphone stand helps you snooze iPhone alarm with motion

Washington, Jan. 21: New WobL smartphone stand has been designed to be used with an alarm clock app for iPhone, which allows a user to activate a snooze mode simply through motion.

The user can simply reach over and tap the phone or the stand, resulting in a rocking motion which triggers snooze and gives him a free extra few minutes to catch sleep, TechCrunch reports.

Wobble does make it easier to hit snooze, instead of accidentally turning off an alarm altogether, and allows the user to keep the phone on charging all night.

Presently, the app is iOS-only, but it has been designed to work not only with all iPhone models, all iPod touches and cases, but also with Android smartphones.

The wobL stand is likely to be shipped by Oct er 2015, and early backers can get one for just 25 dollars, the report added. (ANI)