Afghan Taliban to hold dialogue with Karzai to reach political consensus

Islamabad, Feb. 16: Afghan Taliban leaders have reportedly decided to hold a dialogue with President Hamid Karzai in order to reach a political solution for Afghanistan in the wake of the withdrawal of foreign troops by the end of this year.

Former close aide of Mullah Omar Agha, Jan Mutasim, who also served as the finance minister in the Taliban cabinet had organized a meeting of senior Taliban leaders in UAE this week.

Mutasim said he will soon announce a specific address for intra-Afghan dialogue to avoid a civil war after Nato troops leave the country, the Express Tribune reported.

Mutasim had claimed that the Dubai meeting was attended by former Taliban cabinet ministers, four senior diplomats and top military commanders who had been active in combating foreign forces, but refused to divulge their names for the fear of their lives. (ANI)