Ali Zafar promises ‘massive’ premiere for ‘Total Siyappa’ in Pakistan

Karachi, February 12: Ali Zafar has revealed that he is planning a massive premiere for his upcoming film ‘Total Siyapaa’ in Pakistan.

The ‘London Paris New York’ star said that people in Pakistan loved the promo of his romantic comedy film and are awaiting its release and added that if everything goes well he will plan a big premiere of the film along with an equally impressive countrywide release, the Express Tribune revealed.

Zafar added that he will be inviting Shahid Afridi to the premiere as he has comically mentioned him in one of the dialogues and hopes that the 33-year-old Pakistani cricketer will take it in good humor.

The movie, directed by Eshvar Niwas, is set to release on March 7. (ANI)