New app blends Skype, WhatsApp, Flipboard, mobile gaming with multitasking

Washington, Feb. 24: A new app reportedly blends a couple of communication apps and allows for multitasking.

The Fuze app is an interesting blend of Skype or WhatsApp with a bunch of other content functionality.

According to Cnet, the app is set for a roll out at the Mobile World Congress and users can curate a feed of content relevant to their interests like Flipboard and get them pushed directly to the app.

The app also allows for integrated multitasking functionality, which means a user could browse news while chatting with someone.

Users can also have multiple conversations going on simultaneously and drag content from one window to the next.

The free app is available on both Google Play and the iTunes App Store, and plans to bring premium content and games to the app are also being encouraged by the company, the report added. (ANI)