Apple sued for $840 million over ebooks price fixing

Washington, Feb. 2: A lawsuit filed against Apple has reportedly claimed damages worth 840 million dollars, for allegedly conspiring with publishing companies for e-book price fixing.

The lawsuit that was filed in New York by Steve Berman, an attorney leading a class action lawsuit on behalf of ebooks customers in 33 states, argued that Apple owed American ebooks customers a bare minimum of 231 million dollars in damages for raising the price of e-books across the industry for its own benefit.

In his evidence against the company, the advocate referred to last year’s U.S Justice Department’s successful antitrust lawsuit against Apple in 2013.

It is alleged that following an increase in ebook prices from an average 9.99 dollars to12.99 dollars, Apple has been benefiting by taking 30 percent from each sale, the Verge reported.

The increase in prices is reported to have resulted in a 14.9 percent increase in sales dollars. (ANI)