There has to be balanced growth throughout the country: Modi

Ahmedabad, Feb.12,: Kick starting his ‘chai pe charcha’ nation-wide campaign from Ahmedabad, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi on Wednesday said there should be balanced growth throughout the country.

“We need to develop the eastern part of India at least as much as the western part. It is like having a body with one strong arm and one diseased arm. I think special attention needs to be paid to states in eastern India,” he said.

He stressed on balanced growth throughout the country, and said efforts has to be made and resources should be utilized for the taking the eastern part forward in terms of development.

Talking about Bihar, Modi said: “Bihar is not a poor state but bad governance and a peculiar political culture has destroyed the state. People from Bihar are talented and intelligent – see how many are there in civil services and in media.

“A state where that is full of talented people can never be a poor state,” he added.

Commenting on the transport system across the country, Modi said, “In global progress, roads and rail connectivity have played a major role. We are fortunate to have a good railway network. But unfortunately, it has never been the priority of India. We failed to change it according to the changing world. “

“We have not made technological upgradations and not kept up with time. We have to develop systems that save time, for example -express or bullet trains. Such investments are not expensive,” he added.

He also said that all the four corners of the country should be linked with the fastest rail network. (ANI)