BJP would apologise for any mistake: Rajnath

New Delhi, Feb 25: Bharatiya Janata Party president Rajnath Singh Tuesday said it has been fed to people that his party was anti-Muslim, and added that the BJP would “apologise” if it had made any mistake.

“If we have made any mistakes, we will bow our head and apologise,” Rajnath Singh said at a programme of the BJP’s minority cell.

Speaking at the “Narendra Modi’s Mission 272+: Role of Muslims” summit, attended by members of the party’s minority cell, Rajnath Singh urged Muslims to give the BJP a chance in the LOk Sabha elections.

“Give us a chance, there will be elections again after five years. If we fail in meeting your expectations, don’t vote for us again,” he said.

The BJP president hit out at the Congress for propagating that the BJP was “anti-Muslim”, and accused it of using the “divide and rule policy”.

“It has been fed to people that the BJP is anti-Muslim. Did we get India divided on basis of religion? Those who divided the nation on basis of religion are communal… they use the policy of divide and rule,” he said, referring to the Congress.

Defending his party and its prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi, Rajnath Singh said Muslims in Gujarat, where Modi is the chief minister, have the highest per capita income.

“Hundreds of Muslims are elected representatives in local bodies in Gujarat from the BJP. Per capita income of Muslims is highest in Gujarat. Modi ruled for 10 years and created such a situation,” he said.

“They (Congress) malign Modi so that Muslims remain distant from the BJP,” he said.