Businesses investing in encryption technology to fight data breaches: study

Washington, Feb. 16: Following rising incidents of data breach, businesses are resorting to implementing encryption technology, a study reported.

The Ponemon Institute conducted a study of global encryption trends on behalf of security firm Thales e-Security and questioned 4800 companies and tech managers to find out why they invested in encryption.

The firm found that 46 percent of the 4800 companies and tech managers questioned from around the world said that the main reason they invested in encryption was that it could lessen the impact of breaches, while 44 percent cited a desire to protect brand reputation and 40 percent mentioned compliance,

PC World reported.

Dr. Larry Ponemon, founder of the Ponemon Institute said that encryption usage continues to be a clear indicator of a strong security posture but there appears to be emerging evidence that concerns over key management are becoming a barrier to its more widespread adoption.(ANI)