US calls for joint gas emission cut

Jakarta, Feb 18: US Secretary of State John Kerry Monday called on countries to jointly engage in reducing greenhouse gas.

The top US diplomat made the remarks during a joint press conference after meeting his Indonesian counterpart Marty Natalegawa at the Indonesian foreign ministry office, Xinhua reported.

Touching on the issue of climate change in the meeting, Kerry warned that gas emission’s threat has been the most serious on the planet.

He sought Indonesia and other countries’ cooperation to prevent the worst impact of the danger. “If we are going to prevent the worst consequence of climate change, then especially the place like Indonesia, where you are at the front line on this threat, then we need everybody to engage.”

Kerry asked Indonesia to step up cooperation in the effort and called on other nations to jointly participate in the works.

No one nation can solve this problem by its self, said Kerry. “We need the United States, Indonesia, and every other countries on Earth to do what they can do to make the right choice in order to deal with this challenge head on. So we look forward to working with Indonesia as well as others.”

Indonesia ranks third in the world in terms of greenhouse gas emission. Home to hundreds of millions of hectares of rain forest, the vast archipelago country aims to cut greenhouse gas emission by 26 per cent by 2020 and further by 41 per cent with international aids.

Kerry kicked off his Asia trip in South Korea Thursday, and arrived in Jakarta Saturday after visiting China.