China to employ more professionals from abroad

Beijing, Feb 20: China has decided to recruit more top-notch professionals from abroad this year, authorities said Wednesday.

It is hoped the high-level experts will fully engage in the country’s development, Xinhua quoted a statement from the Organisation Department of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, after a national meeting of Party and government officials in charge of human resources.

China has operated a recruitment program, named “Plan 1,000″, to attract overseas Chinese experts to build their careers in the country, since 2008. So far 4,180 people have been recruited, 861 of them last year, it said.

These professionals, mostly scientists, have contributed to research in bioscience, plasma physics, nuclear technologies, space programmes and satellites. But the government is also working on rules to end contracts with those who do not meet the needs of the country or fail to do their jobs, the statement added.

–Indo-Asian News SErvice