China wants Japan to remain nuke-free

Beijing, Feb 18: China Monday urged Japan to stick to its three non-nuclear principles after some Japanese officials hinted at allowing the US to bring in nuclear weapons in emergency.

The three non-nuclear principles state that Japan will not produce, possess or allow the entry into its territory of nuclear weapons. They are an important part of Japan’s peaceful post-war development, Xinhua quoted Chinese foreign ministry as saying Monday.

“They are also significant to regional peace and stability,” the ministry’s spokeswoman Hua Chunying said during a news briefing.

Tokyo may allow the US to bring nuclear weapons into the country in an emergency that threatens the safety of Japanese citizens, the country’s media quoted Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida as suggesting Friday.

The three non-nuclear principles were first outlined by Prime Minister Eisaku Sato in a speech to the House of Representatives in 1967 and were approved by the parliament in 1971.