‘China’s security depends on Afghan stability, peace: Top official

Kabul, Feb. 23: China has urged Afghanistan to embrace an inclusive political solution to its long-running conflict.

The comments were made by Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi during a rare visit to Afghan, who said the security of his country’s western regions depended on peace.

According to Dawn News, China, which shares a short border with Afghanistan in the country’s mountainous northeastern corridor, has become increasingly concerned about security in its western region of Xinjiang.

Muslim extremists receive help from militants in neighbouring countries in the region.

Wang said that he hoped to see a broad-based and inclusive political reconciliation in Afghanistan as soon as possible, and China will play a constructive role to facilitate that.

According to the report, Wang’s visit coincides with a time of transition for Afghanistan, ahead of both the year-end deadline for the pullout of foreign troops and an April presidential election.(ANI)