Chinese police capture man who shot six people

Beijing, Feb 3: A man who allegedly killed six people and injured three others in a shooting spree on the eve of the Chinese lunar new year was arrested Monday afternoon in southwest China’s Yunnan Province.

At 5.10 p.m., Shao Zongqi was caught by police in Banqiao Village of Houqiao Township in Tengchong county after remaining at large for four days and nights, Xinhua reported citing a statement issued by the county government.

The 38-year-old is suspected to have carried out the killings with a semi-automatic rifle after he discovered that his wife had been having affairs with two men from the same village — Shao Zongping and Shao Zonghua.

Shao is alleged to have killed Zongping, Zongping’s wife, their two sons, Zonghua’s father and Zonghua’s wife. Zonghua, his son and daughter were injured, according to initial police investigation.