Congress has been making false promises to people for the past 60 years: Modi in Assam

Silchar, (Assam), Feb. 22: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi on Saturday criticized the Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi-led Congress Government in Assam for making false promises to the people, and added that he will help the people in fulfilling their dreams.

“This Congress Government in Assam cannot do any good to you all. I heard that when your Chief Minister heard that Modi is coming to his state, he started losing his sleep. I heard that he visited you two days ago. The projects that were not even started yet, he has again announced those projects,” Modi said while addressing a rally here today.

“He (Gogoi) thought that someone will come and ask for an explanation. These Congress people have been making false promises for the past 60 years,” he added.

He urged people to vote for the BJP in the Lok Sabha elections, and said, “I will standby you all and will help in fulfilling your dreams. You can trust me.”

Describing the whole Northeast region as ‘lakshmi’, Modi said, “You find wealth in those places where there is ‘lakshmi’. We want ‘saraswati’ as well as ‘lakshmi’. Lakshmi needs a place to sit, and that’s why it rests on a lotus. If there is no lotus, then ‘lakshmi’ will come and go after taking a round.”

He also took a jibe at Prime Minister Manmohan Singh saying, “The country’s PM is your MP. He hasn’t travelled Assam like me, who is not even an MLA in your state. There is no district in Assam, where I haven’t spent a night.”

Criticizing Gogoi for poor management during the floods that rocked Assam in 2012, Modi said, “Your CM does not even know that Modi used to stay in Assam. Where was your CM when there were floods in 2012? Many people died in during those days. He was in USA and after that went to Japan,”

He urged people to create history by voting Congress out of power, and added that there shouldn’t be any sign left of Congress in the Northeast. (ANI)