Ex-Newcastle player accused of raping female friend after night out

London, Feb 25: A former Newcastle United footballer has reportedly been accused of raping a female friend in a hotel room after a night out together, although he insisted that they had ‘consensual sex’.

Nile Ranger, who currently plays for League One club Swindon Town, has been accused by a court of attacking the woman after pestering her for weeks ‘to be his girl’.

According to the Daily Express, the court heard that the alleged rape occurred after a previous incident where the woman had fled from another hotel room while Ranger was in the bathroom, after he began kissing her neck and stroking her leg against her wishes.

The prosecution said that the alleged victim could remember being with the footballer at a bar in Newcastle where he bought her drinks, adding that she then has no recollection of events until she awoke next to Ranger without any clothes on and with no idea where she was.

The prosecution further said that Ranger then told the women they had had sex and that she needed to take the morning-after pill, adding that it was clear that the woman was not ‘consenting’ as she was ‘incapacitated by drink’ and had has no memory whatsoever of what occurred.

The report mentioned that Ranger had been messaging the alleged victim in the weeks before the night out, pestering her to be his girlfriend despite the woman’s repeated denials.

However, Ranger denied one count of rape and although he admitted that they had sex on two occasions during the night but insisted that it was consensual and that the young woman joined in ‘enthusiastically’. (ANI)