Experts ask government to discourage people from indulging in rebellious activities in Maoist areas

Patna/New Delhi, Feb.21: Experts on Friday said the government should pay heed to problems faced by the people, as many of them get attracted to rebellious activities other than ideological considerations.

“It totally depends on how we look at things. Often we have discussions on Maoism being a major issue for the country and according to me there are problems faced by people, which has led to rise in Maoist activities. If the government pays heed of people’s concerns then there is no reason for people to become Maoists,” said director of A.N. Sinha Institute, D.M. Diwakar in Patna.

The government has launched various schemes to lure cadres from the Maoist fold.

“It is true that a large proportion of the people who are attracted to the Maoist movement especially at lower levels are attracted by other than ideological considerations. However there is a very strong ideological core at the top leadership level which remains committed to the idea of communism more of Maoism or extreme left ideology,” said an author and an expert on counter-terrorism, Ajai Sahni, in New Delhi.

Meanwhile, Sahni also said that there was evidence with the government on foreign funding to Maoists.

“I have not seen any evidence of any foreign funding of these organisations. What is often done is that certain organisations, that are funded, do receive foreign funding from agencies with fairly impeccable credentials are often sympathetic to a Maoist position. Now unless a criminal collusion with Maoists is proven and illegal funding is demonstrated I think it is inappropriate to jump to conclusions. Now if the government has evidence of such collusion on the one side and illegal funding being received from the other, it has not made such evidence public and it has not proceeded against these agencies or NGOs,” added Sahni. (ANI)