Failure to receive signals led to blackout: Lok Sabha TV

New Delhi, Feb 19: The Lok Sabha TV Wednesday said failure to receive signals from the nine automatic cameras in the lower house resulted in Tuesday’s blackout of the proceedings during the passage of the Telangana statehood bill.

The report of a probe initiated Tuesday said there was no video feed from the cameras inside the Lok Sabha.

There was a 90-minute blackout on Lok Sabha TV when the crucial bill was discussed and passed.

As soon as the Telangana bill was taken up for consideration around 3 p.m. Tuesday and Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde started speaking, the live telecast stopped.

“The problem occurred as the signals from the cameras were not received in the mixer room located in Room No.50 at the Parliament House, from where the channel gets live feed,” Lok Sabha TV CEO Rajiv Mishra told IANS.

He said that while the audio feed was coming, the video feed was not.

Mishra, who ordered the probe into the technical problem, said the glitch was rectified after an affected cable was changed Wednesday.

He said the audio feed of the proceedings during the snag period will be uploaded on the websites of the Lok Sabha and Lok Sabha TV Thursday.