France to not risk stalemate in C.A.R: military official

Paris, Feb 24: Despite a difficult situation in Bangui, France has ruled out any eventual stalemate in the Central African Republic (CAR) where its month-long military operation has so far failed to quell sectarian violence.

“I think here is no stalemate. We must take into consideration that we cannot resolve in two months 20 years of crisis in the country whose state has not responded to the aspirations of its citizens and where everything has to be rebuilt,” Xinhua quoted Francisco Soriano, the commander of Sangaris operation in CAR, as saying.

“We must understand that putting CAR on track will take time. We must not minimise all the progress we made in the country during the two months of operation,” he said.

French Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian, earlier this month, said the six-month operation would last longer than planned as the situation was more difficult than expected.

At the request of CAR’s Interim President Catherine Samba Panza, French troops will stay in the African country until elections scheduled for February 2015.

On Tuesday, France’s parliament will vote on extending Operation Sangaris amid growing concerns that the Paris-led military operation may face a stalemate in its former colony where 2,000 soldiers have been deployed so far.