Girl set ablaze after iPhone catches fire

Washington, Feb. 2(ANI): An eighth-grader in Maine suffered burn injuries after her iPhone that was kept in her pant’s back pocket, reportedly caught fire on its own.

The girl was sitting in class during school hours when she suddenly heard a popping sound and found her rear pocket with the iPhone on fire.

A teacher came to the rescue of the girl and helped her douse the flames with a blanket, as she fell off her seat and rolled on the floor in an attempt to get out of her pants.

Andrew Palmeri, the division chief of the local emergency medical services said that the phone’s battery had “shorted out”, suggesting that the iPhone must have been crushed as the teen had placed it in her back pocket, Cnet reported.

Meanwhile, the injured teen was taken to the hospital and discharged after being treated for burns. The incident is being looked into by the local fire services. (ANI)