Iran summons Bahraini envoy over minister’s remarks

Tehran, Feb 14: Iran foreign ministry summoned Bahrain’s charge d’affaires to protest what it called “unfounded anti-Iran allegations” by the foreign minister of the Persian Gulf country, Xinhua reported Thursday citing Press TV.

The remarks by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bahrain, Shaikh Khalid Bin Ahmed Al Khalifa, indicate the “frustration of the Bahraini officials in dealing with the legitimate demands of the oppressed people of Bahrain,” Iran foreign ministry spokesperson Marzieh Afkham was quoted as saying.

Bahrain’s foreign minister, in a tweet, said recently that the Iranian people were facing “injustice, deprivation of rights and starvation” in their country, according to Press TV.

The Bahraini government has better met the demands of the people of Bahrain instead of relying on foreign forces, Afkham said.

Bahrain is ruled by Sunni kingdom where the majority Shiite population say they are facing discrimination in jobs and other services. The kingdom denies such claims.