Jordan lawmakers for severing peace treaty with Israel

Amman, Feb 17: Jordan’s Lower House Sunday called for revoking the nation’s peace treaty with Israel as the Israeli Knesset sought to end Jordan’s role in the protection of the holy sites in Jerusalem.

The 150-member house called on the Jordanian government to submit a law to revoke the peace treaty, which Jordan and Israeli signed in 1994, Xinhua quoted a statement issued by the house’s Palestine Committee as saying.

“The Israeli Knesset attempts to end Jordan’s supervision and sovereignty over the sacred sites in Jerusalem are rejected, and Jordan, its people and its leadership will not accept them,” it said.

The lawmakers called for expelling the Israelis ambassador from Amman and withdrawing the Jordanian ambassador in Tel Aviv.

“The Israelis seeks to legitimise Israel’s cruel violations against the holy sites in Jerusalem… Any attempts to end Jordan’s role will be the start of the end of the so-called state of Israel,” the Lower House said.

“Jerusalem and Al Aqsa Mosque is a redline for the Arabs and Muslims,” it said, referring to Islam’s third holiest site in Jerusalem’s old city.

Also, during a Lower House session Sunday, Jordan’s Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour stressed the peace treaty is binding for Israel with all its articles.