Kashmir commemorates death anniversary of Hazrat Syed Yaqoob Sahib

Srinagar, Feb.19: Hundreds of Kashmiri Muslims commemorated the death anniversary of the Sufi mystic Hazrat Syed Yaqoob Sahib at his shrine at Sonwar in the heart of capital.

The annual Urs of Sufi Saint was observed throughout Kashmir with traditional devotion and fervour with exalting functions being held in mosques and shrines. The largest gathering took place at the main shrine in Sonwar, which resounded with hymns and recitations throughout previous night.

A large number of the devout Muslims were treated to a glimpse of saint’s relics after dawn prayers, and the ritual was held after every prayer through the day.

The night air echoed with lilting chants of “Awrad-e Fatiha”- reciting prayer of commemoration as thousands braved a cold night to pay obeisance at the shrine, and the number swelled for the noon prayers on Wednesday

Providing insight about the revered saint, chief Muslim cleric of the shrine Maulana Asgar Hussain said he has been presiding over the huge congregations and providing knowledge about Islam to the people since more than 10 years.

“On every Thursday we hold recitation of Koranic verses, and from 11th Rabi ul Sani (Islamic month) marks initiation of the holy week and the 17th Rabi ul Sani (Islamic month)marks the main commemoration of the Sufi Saint, I have been presiding over the Friday prayers since ten years, I have been conducting the Koranic prayers for various congregations. Large number of people are attending the commemoration of the revered saint and come here to offer prayers”, said Hussain.

The Muslim Clerics preach the teaching of Sufi saint and give the insight on Koran and Islam.

The Sufi saints had altered the history of Kashmir and its destiny. Kashmir not only got the priceless gift of Islam, but these saints also brought countless avenues of trade, commerce and crafts from Central Asia, which brought a revolution in the economic sphere.

Devout Kashmiri Muslims hoped that with the blessings of Sufi saints peace and tranquillity will prevail in the valley.

“I have come here to attend the Urs of the Sufi saint. I hope and pray we are blessed by the Sufi Saint so that peace and tranquillity returns to Kashmir” said Kashmiri Muslim Riyaz Ahmed.

Hazrat Syed Yaqoob Sahib came from Central Asia with an aim to spread Islam in Kashmir.

He played a tremendous role teaching people about humanity, love and peace.

Sufism is the defining feature of the society of Jammu and Kashmir. It was in 1400 AD that the wandering, itinerant Sufis arrived in Kashmir. Sufism became the way of life for the majority of the people in the valley.

A uniquely syncretic and tolerant culture evolved with Sufism and spiritual ingress. Sufism held and endured for centuries to such an extent that it constituted superstructure and sub-structure, values and belief systems of the people of Kashmir. (ANI)