Kathak dancers mesmerise audience with performance in Khajuraho

Khajuraho, (Madhya Pradesh), Feb. 25: Kathak dancers mesmerised an audience with their delicate and graceful moves during the ongoing world-renowned Dance Festival in Khajuraho.

The ongoing festival in Madhya Pradesh entered its fifth day on Monday, promoting cultural and traditional dance forms of the country.

The classical dancers performed solo, with partners and in groups, depicting unique poses and styles and telling the awe-struck viewers tales based on several classical themes.

“My group composition is called ‘Ghunghroo’. Ghunghroos are very essential to every classical dancer. So based on that theme, this is the life story of a Ghunghroo,” said artist and choreographer Ashimandu Bhattacharya.

At the festival, dancers are performing several old and traditional Indian dance forms like Bharatanatyam and Odissi, attempting to keep the dances alive as part of our heritage.

Many classical artists were honoured at the festival, and young dancers got a platform to showcase their talent.

The dancers described their experience of performing in Khajuraho. They said that performing at this festival was a dream comes true.

“I am feeling exalted. To perform in Khajuraho Dance Festival is God’s gift to a dancer. We are going to perform now. I am feeling great,” said a dancer, Sumita Kaushik.

The event saw the presence of various state leaders, including the state’s Culture and Tourism Minister Surendra Patwa. Many foreign tourists also made it to the festival to view and participate in it.

The week-long event will see classical dancers performing various dance styles, including Kuchipudi, Kathak and Manipuri.

The festival is also celebrating the exquisiteness and daintiness of human emotions and devout spirituality of Hindu religion.

The 40th annual festival kicked off on Thursday, and will conclude on February 26. (ANI)