Four killed, several injured in deadly bombing of tourist bus in Egypt

London, Feb. 17: Three South Koreans and an Egyptian were killed in a bomb blast on a tourist bus in Egypt’s Sinai peninsula on Sunday.

Fourteen South Koreans were also injured in the attack, which occurred as the bus was preparing to cross into Israel.

According to the BBC, the bus was reported to be heading into Israel from St Catherine’s monastery, a popular tourist destination near Mount Sinai, when it was attacked on Sunday.

South Korea’s foreign ministry said that the bus was carrying 31 tourists, and three tour guides – two Korean and one Egyptian.

The passengers were members of a church group who were on a 12-day tour of religious sites in Turkey, Egypt and Israel.

The exact cause of the blast is not clear.

South Korean foreign ministry official Cho Tai-young in a statement strongly condemned the terror attack

He added that South Korea would ‘actively co-operate’ with the Egyptian government to find out who carried out the attack. (ANI)