Men at grumpiest when they turn 70

London, Feb. 22: A new survey has revealed that men are at their grumpiest when they hit 70.

Until the age of 65 experts believe that men become better at shrugging off stress and anxiety the older that they get.

Four-fifths told researchers the difficulties that they encountered from the age of 50 receded but then upped again after 70, the Daily Star reported.

20 per cent reported a surge in happiness from retirement age until 70, then they too experienced a downturn.

Professor Carolyn Aldwin, of Oregon State University, said that once people turn 70, how they react to these hassles changes and may be dependent on their resources or their situation in life.

The study looked at 1,315 men aged 53 to 85.

The study has been published in the journal Psychology and Ageing. (ANI)