New Microsoft CEO Nadella’s letter to employees calls for focus on innovation

Washington, Feb. 05: Newly appointed Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella reportedly sent a letter to all employees on the first day of his job, calling for more focus on innovation.

In his letter, the 46-year-old, having previously worked as the Cloud and Enterprise group head, talked about what makes Microsoft a great company and where it can be lead in future.

According to The Verge, Nadella warned that the industry does not respect tradition, it only respects innovation, and he went on to mention that he has requested the now-ex chairman Bill Gates, to help out more than he has in the past few years.

“We need to prioritize innovation that is centered on our core value of empowering users and organizations to ‘do more.’” You can read the letter in its entirety below.

In his letter, Nadella said that it was a very humbling day for him to be named for the top job that reminded him of his first day at the company 22 years ago; adding that he chose Microsoft because he believed it was the best company in the world.

He further revealed part of his strategy, which is to ensure that Microsoft thrives in a mobile and cloud-first world.

Nadella also shared a bit of his personal details including the number of kids he has and wrote that many who know him say he is also defined by his curiosity and thirst for learning.

Concluding the letter, he called on the employees to do their best work together, lead and help drive cultural change. (ANI)