Mourinho embarrassed after ‘no striker in club’ comment caught on camera

London, Feb. 25: Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho was left embarrassed after he was caught on camera dismissing the quality of his strikers and saying that winning the Premiere League was not possible for them.

Mourinho’s remarks about Chelsea’s forward trio Samuel Eto’o, Fernando Torres and Demba Ba were reportedly captured on camera while he believed that he was chatting privately with senior representatives of watch manufacturers Hublot during a sponsership launch last week.

According to the Mirror, Mourinho said that he had ‘a team but no striker’ and also said that they had Eto’o, but ‘he was 32, maybe even 35′, he didn’t know.

Mourinho reportedly dismissed the idea of a swap deal encircling Eden Hazard and Uruguayan striker Edinson Cavanidirectly on camera and also suggested Swedish star Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s move was ‘misison impossible’, directly on camera.

He also admitted to being approached by the Paris club to takeover Real Madrid and said that he didn’t give any certain decision, as he did not get a direct offer and Mourinho also wants to continue the four years left in his contract with Chelsea.

Mourinho also said that Hazard was ‘the boy’ they want for ten years and build the team around him, adding that even if PSG offers 100 million and there is no Financial Fair Play then Chelsea had the money to say no to the swap deal involving Cavani and Hazard, the report added.

However Chelsea sources have reportedly insisted that Mourinho’s suggestions regarding Colombian striker Radamel Falcao to leave Monaco, were a ‘light-hearted, jocular and off-the-record remark’, the report added. (ANI)