Online activists threaten to target ‘official websites’ during 2014 World Cup

London, Feb. 27: Online activists from Brazil have reportedly threatened to target official websites to protest against ‘overly extravagant display’ in the 2014 FIFA World Cup, which will start on June 12.

The tournament which would expectedly cost about 8.4 billion pounds has highlighted the inequalities present in Brazil and last year’s protests during Confederations Cup drew more than a million people on to the streets.

According to the BBC, although the Brazilian army insisted it would respond to the most likely threats, the activists, who call themselves Anonymous, feel confident about their plans to disrupt the event and said that there was nothing the army could do to stop them.

The activists said that the World Cup offered an unprecedented global audience and an opportune moment to target sites operated by world football’s governing body FIFA, the Brazilian government and corporate sponsors.

One of the activists said that their likely tactics would be to launch distributed denial of service attacks, which would flood their directly targeted official websites and the companies sponsoring the World Cup and added that it would be ‘fast, damaging and simple to carry out’.

However, the activist added that his colleagues’ fire would not affect ordinary Brazilians. (ANI)