Pak rappers snort over YouTube ban in new video

Islamabad, Feb. 26: Pakistani rappers have reportedly created a new anthem calling on the government to lift its ban on video site YouTube.

Rappers Adil Omar and Talal Qureshi have paired with Ali Gul Pir for the new video that has gone viral on the Internet.

According to the Express Tribune, the video is part of a youth initiative ‘#PakistanForAll,’ against state censorship in the country and mainly focuses on the YouTube ban.

The lyrics of the song in the video play on a vernacular slang, using the words ‘ban’ and ‘chor’ (thief) to indirectly refer to the government as access thieves and the fact that they are taking the ban for granted by not removing it.

The video shows the YouTube mascot, who is chased by the authorities and a politician, who slyly watches videos on the site in the safety of his own drawing room.

The report said that a similar video circulated on social media a few months earlier, which featured a YouTube mascot roaming around the streets of Karachi asking for hugs from those who want the popular video streaming site to be accessible again. (ANI)