Regular road safety audits sought

Gurgaon, Feb 19: The International Road Federation (IRF) has welcomed the Delhi High Court’s consent for removing the Delhi border toll plaza on Gurgaon Expressway, but cautioned that “this should not become a trend across the nation”.

“This long awaited removal of toll plaza will help lakhs of daily commuters to travel smoothly without stopping. Daily commuters were facing massive traffic jams on both sides due to the toll plaza. This will also help in decongesting over-crowded Mehrauli -Gurgaon Road,” said K.K. Kapila, chairman, International Road Federation.

“But this should not become a trend across the nation as toll is necessary for maintenance and construction of roads across the country,” Kapila was quoted as saying in a press statement issued by IRF.

“IRF has on various occassions suggested audits on various state road networks, including Gurgaon Expressway, by the state government. Worldwide road safety audits are done to reduce road accidents. The audit includes improving the fault of road design which is the major cause of road accidents.

“IRF can help in training road safety auditors as it has already trained more than 250 road auditors till date in the country,” said Kapila.