Simpson dope case pushed back after ‘confusing’ reports

Kingston (Jamaica), Feb 5 (IANS/CMC) The doping case against Jamaican Olympic champion sprinter Sherone Simpson has been further set back after officials failed to unravel the meaning of a long awaited report from a sports science laboratory in Kentucky.

Attorney for the Jamaica Anti-Doping Commission (JADCO) Lackston Robinson told a panel Tuesday that he was not able to continue because he could not understand the report. Simpson and her lawyers say the report reveals that oxilofrine was found in the supplement Epiphany D1 consumed by the athlete.

“Having examined that lab documentation we have some concern about the report. That report is a highly technical document. We have persons in house who have limited training in the field of chemistry but they were not able to decipher the information in that document and we have, therefore, sought assistance in interpreting the document,” Robinson said.

Reports say Simpson, who won the 4X100m relay gold in 2004 Athens Olympics, seems frustrated as a result of the latest development in the hearing. The Jamaican athlete and her legal team are anxious for a speedy end to the hearing which continued after two days in January.

“We must complete these matters next week. It would not put the athlete at any disadvantage as far as time is concerned because at the end of the day when this matter is complete it will be time for submissions,” said Robinson.

While panel chairman Lennox Gayle agreed to postpone the hearing once again, Simpson’s lead attorney Kwame Gordon was annoyed who described the decision as “unfortunate” and chided Robinson for seeking advice on documents in his possession “for more than three weeks”.

“We are here now ready to proceed and at the 11th hour in the heat of the battle we are told we cannot proceed when there was sufficient time to meet that assessment. With the greatest amount of respect to Robinson, I think that is inadequate,” said Gordon.

“The JADCO rules are clear, matters like these must be done expeditiously; the athlete has already suffered a disadvantage. The adverse analytical finding was from last year June.”

Simpson also won a 100m silver at the 2008 Beijing Games and another 4X100m silver at the 2012 London Olympics.