US speedskaters to switch to former speedsuits in wake of Olympics losses

Washington, Feb. 15: Following repeated failures by American skaters to grab medals in Sochi Winter Olympics, the U.S. speedskating team has reportedly decided to wear an earlier version of speedsuit made by the same manufacturer, Under Armour.

U.S. speedskating president Mike Plant said that the team will be reverting to the suits that they wore during the World Cup, adding that they were constantly evaluating all aspects of race preparation and execution to help athletes improve their output and maximize their physical and psychological advantages.

Plant, however, refrained from blaming the speedsuit for his athletes’ poor performance at the Olympics.

Meanwhile, Ted Morris, the executive director of U.S. Speedskating said that the team had voted to submit a different design for approval by the International Olympic Committee and the International Skating Union, the ABC News reported.

Athletes had complained that the ‘Mach 39′suit, designed in partnership with fighter jet maker Lockheed Martin ,had a vent on the back that apparently slowed them down. (ANI)