Sports enthusiasts from all over the world participate in heli-ski extravaganza in Kashmir

Gulmarg, (Jammu and Kashmir), Feb.21: A three-day-long heli-ski extravaganza in snow-clad vast meadows of Gulmarg kicked off on Friday with over 250 skiers from across the world participating in the event.

The championship is arranged by the Kashmir Government to promote adventure sports and give a boost to tourism in the valley.

International skiers from different countries including Ukraine, Scotland, Germany, Australia New Zealand, and Russia are participating in the event.

The participants were thrilled to experience the breathtaking exquisiteness and splendour of the valley’s large plain grounds covered with a white cold sheet.

“It’s incredible adventure. We have got over a 100 competitors, got the heli (helicopter) flying around filming and everyone is just excited to be in the Himalayas, excellent event. It is a paradise for sure. There are just so many option; amazing, huge terrain,” said a skier from Australia, Crags.

Heli skiing involves helicopters and skiers fly to their starting point. The sport is very famous all over the world, especially in European countries.

The first group of skiers’ took-off in helicopters from Kongdoori area and landed on Affervat Mountain, which is the highest point in Gulmarg where participants started their skiing.

The organiser of the event, Majeed Bakshi, said that the Himalayan valley’s massive potential for adventure sports could be unravelled in its many nooks and corners.

“We have a lot of potential because our Kashmir valley is surrounded by big mountains and wherever you go, you can promote skiing adventure. It is not only specific to Gulmarg, but you can start skiing in other places in Kashmir. All over Kashmir you can open so many resorts and this will give them potential and employment opportunity for youth,” said Bakshi. (ANI)