Sunbather in the buff put behind bars in China

Beijing, Feb 11: A man who insisted on sunbathing naked in the resort city of Sanya in China’s southern province of Hainan has been thrown into jail for five days, local police announced Tuesday.

The middle-aged man, a tourist from Heilongjiang, the country’s northernmost province, refused to put on clothes at Sanya East China Sea public beach despite staff having asked him several times, Xinhua reported.

Nude swimming and sunbathing is nothing new to Sanya. In certain areas, several nude beachgoers are discovered daily, usually claiming the sun helps alleviate skin complaints.

Beach staff regularly patrol public beaches, telling people to wear bathing suits, and surveillance cameras will be installed soon, according to the city’s police.

A notice from Sanya police makes it clear that people who insist on swimming or sunbathing nude at public beaches will be detained for five to 10 days. Since Feb 6, police have posted notices to this effect on the Dadonghai beach.

Both residents and tourists had appealed to authorities to ban nude swimming and sunbathing. The behaviour is seen as disrespectful to women and children.