Syrian warplanes raid Lebanese border town

Beirut, Mar 1: The Syrian air force raided outskirts of Lebanon’s Bekaa town Friday morning but no casualties were reported, state media here said.

Syrian jets launched four air-ground missiles on the Kherbet Younin region on the outskirts of Arsal, which lies on the eastern border of Lebanon and has about 50 km long border with Syria, Xinhua reported.

On several occasions, Arsal has been the target of the Syrian air force. The last raid was carried out last December when the Lebanese army anti-aircraft units fired for the first time against the Syrian jets.

Arsal has been used as a passage for illegal smuggling operations and is supportive of the rebellion against the government of Syrian President Bashar al- Assad. It hosts a high number of Syrian refugees as well as armed rebels who infiltrate the border to launch operations against the Syrian army.