Talks with Taliban Pakistan’s internal matter: US

Islamabad, Feb 5: The Pakistan government’s move to hold peace talks with the Taliban is that country’s internal matter, the US State Department said.

“We of course are closely following the recent developments and reports. The issue of whether to negotiate with the Tehreek-e Taliban Pakistan is an internal matter for Pakistan,” the Associated Press of Pakistan (APP) Wednesday quoted Jen Psaki, State Department spokesperson, as saying at a daily briefing in Washington.

“More broadly, the US and Pakistan continue to have a vital, shared strategic interest in ending extremist violence so as to build a more prosperous, stable and peaceful region, but we’d point you to them for any details of what’s happening.”

Asked if Washington backs Pakistan-Taliban talks the same way as it did in the case of Kabul-led talks with the Afghan Taliban, the spokesperson said, “It is. The issue of whether to negotiate is a decision that the government of Pakistan needs to make.”

The spokesperson added that “every circumstance is different”.

“I’m not piling every country and every circumstance into one,” she said.