Team sport helps post-menopausal women compensate for oestrogen loss

Washington, Feb. 23: Researchers have showed that interval-based team sport can make up for this oestrogen loss as it improves their conditions, reduces BP and thereby protects the cardiovascular system.

Oestrogen, the primary female sex hormone, is an important guardian of the female vascular system. Thus, as oestrogen levels fall during menopause, the risks of increased blood pressure and development of cardiovascular disease increases.

Postdoc Michael Nyberg said that results demonstrate that blood pressure among post-menopausal women is 10 per cent higher immediately after menopause than in similarly-aged, pre-menopausal women, asserting that they also had higher levels of an early marker for arteriosclerosis.

The new aspect of this study is that researchers have investigated the effects of oestrogen in women of the same age, both before and after menopause.

In a bid to prevent increased risk of cardiovascular disease, the study examined the effect of 12-week floorball training among post-menopausal women.

Professor and Centre Director Jens Bangsbo said that following just 12 weeks of twice weekly practices, the women’s conditions had improved and their blood pressure was reduced by 4 mmHg (*), which correlates with a 40 per cent lower risk of stroke.

The study has been published in The American Journal of Physiology. (ANI)