US trash metal band GWAR beheads Tony Abbott’s effigy on stage

Melbourne, Feb. 25(ANI): US trash metal band ‘GWAR’ recently beheaded Tony Abbott’s efffigy on stage at the Soundwave festival over the weekend.

The five members of the band, also known as ‘the kings of carnage’, were dressed in elaborate medieval/gothic costumes, and used both the Brisbane and Sydney arms of the music festival to publicly decapitate the Australian Prime Minister during their show.

In an interview, Oderus Urungus, lead singer of the band said that it was done at the bequest of Australian fans as they wanted him to kill Abbott.

Earlier, in a backstage interview with the AU Review in Sydney, Urungus described Abbott as a “mutant.”

Earlier in the year, the band had admitted that there’s one victim in particular who they thought was going to win over Australia forever.

They said that when this person dies onstage, it’s basically going to make the entire country enter GWAR’s thralls for all eternity. (ANI)