UK scientists create ‘contagious’ digital virus that can spread through air

Sydney, Feb. 27: UK scientists have reportedly invented a digital virus that could spread through air like a biological disease.

Researchers at the University of Liverpool, designed the airborne virus codenamed ‘Chameleon’, which spreads as quickly as the common cold and works on Wi-Fi waves to spread from network to network.

Computer security expert Professor Alan Marshall said that it was earlier assumed that it wasn’t possible to develop a virus that could attack Wi-Fi networks, but they have successfully demonstrated that it was possible and that could spread quickly, reports.

According to the report, the ‘Chameleon’ virus multiplies faster when it enters densely populated areas because there are more networks to feed off and its tendrils are particularly capable of infiltrating less well-protected networks, such as free hot spots at cafes and public places. (ANI)