V-Day holds no importance to Sonu Niigaam

Mumbai, Feb 13: Singer Sonu Niigaam may have got engaged to designer and RJ Madhurima on Valentine’s Day, but he says the day is not so important to him.

Sonu-Madhurima got engaged on the V-Day in 2002.

“Valentine’s Day is not that much important to me as we are not from that culture where we have to depend on Valentine’s Day to show our love for each other,” the singer said here at a radio station where he was accompanied by his wife to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

“However, it’s a coincidence that we got engaged on Feb 14 and got married Feb 15 in 2002. Otherwise, Valentine’s Day does not hold much importance to me,” he added. The 40-year-old is known for hits like “Sandese aate hain” and “Kal ho naa ho”.