Visually impaired guide drivers during Nagpur car rally

Nagpur (Maharashtra), Feb.3: In one-of-its-kind initiative, a car rally for visually impaired people was organised in Nagpur, Maharashtra, over the weekend.

During the rally, participants used a route map in Braille to guide drivers to navigate the terrain.

“I am very happy to be a part of this car rally for the first time. I had never heard about such car rallies for blind people, so when I heard about it, I was quite shocked as to how blind people can drive a car but later on I was told that we have to guide the driver by giving them directions,” said a participant, Nitish Chauhan.

Around 60 cars were flagged off during the rally and gave adrenaline rush to the participants.

“(Blind) Association infrastructure development will also be done through this fund raising event. This rally is being held in Nagpur for the first time in which we have flagged of 60 cars today, which by itself is a very good number,” said chairman of Nagpur Round Table 83, Piyush, who organised the event.

The car rally was a fund raising event held in Nagpur for the first time. (ANI)