Woods proud of significant fitness legacy

Johannesburg, Feb. 2: Ace golfer Tiger Woods has said a ‘focus on fitness’ and a ‘tough physical training regime’ will be one the most significant legacies he will leave on the world of golf.

The 38-year-old American said his own family background convinced him of the need to be fit in order to win.

According to sports24, Woods said most golfers have been fat and out of shape and they don’t treat it as a sport.

Woods added he grew up running track and cross-country and playing baseball.

Ironically, Woods is facing health problems over the last few years due to physical demands he places on his body hitting a golf ball.

His knees, back and wrists have all failed him recently and he complained at the end of last year of feeling tired after a hectic schedule from the British Open in July onwards, the report said.

But after a winter break, Woods said in Dubai that he started the year fully fit and ready to continue his chase after the 18 majors record haul of Jack Nicklaus, it added. (ANI)