Around 200 cops to check Delhi’s errant drivers on Holi

New Delhi, March 15: Around 200 personnel will be deputed at strategic locations around the city to keep a check on traffic violations on Holi, Delhi traffic police said Saturday.

“About 200 traffic police special checking teams along with police control room (PCR) vans will be stationed at strategic locations all over Delhi to check traffic violations on Holi,” Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Anil Shukla said in a statement.

“Special checking teams with alcometers and interceptors (for those flouting speed limits) will be deployed at major intersections,” he added.

As per Shukla, drunken driving is punishable with a jail term and suspension of driving license besides fines.

“Drivers caught under the influence of alcohol will be counselled on the spot about the negative effects of the associated dangers,” he said.

In addition, police will keep an eye on those indulging in reckless driving, jumping red lights, riding a two-wheeler without a helmet etc.

“If a minor is caught driving, action will be taken against the registered owner of the vehicle,” said Shukla.

According to Shukla, 10,339 people were prosecuted on Holi 2013 of which 3,914 were fined for driving without a helmet, 1,819 for jumping a red light, 1,278 for drunken driving, 973 for triple riding a two-wheeler and 124 for reckless driving. In addition, 581 vehicles were impounded.