4-year-old Brit boy who has same IQ as Albert Einstein joins HELLIQ

London, March 13: A four-year-old toddler, who has an IQ level similar to renowned scientist Albert Einstein’s, has now joined HELLIQ, an exclusive genius society that only has 85 members worldwide.

Sherwyn Sarabi, from Barnsley, Yorkshire, had scored 160 on the Wechsler scale, which is the highest possible mark on an IQ test, the Daily Express reported.

The child genius, who started school two years early than the normal kids, became a member of Mensa when he was just 3-years-old.

Sarabi’s mother said that her son keeps on getting even higher recognition for his abilities.

She asserted that her child is just like other kids and plays with toys, but the only thing he doesn’t do is watch television.

Educational psychologist Dr Peter Congdon said that Sarabi’s mental age is measured at 8 years and 9 months, which is more than twice his actual age, and that it is very unusual for a child to have this type of intelligence. (ANI)